Philippine police arrest 8 Israeli citizens for online fraud

The Israeli suspects are said to have managed an online investment fraud that affected people in countries such as Australia and South Africa.
Photo credit: Pixabay

The Philippine Police on Thursday arrested 500 people, including eight Israelis, for suspected involvement in an online investment fraud that affected people in Australia, South Africa and other countries.

The suspects are said to have lured their victims into investing in foreign stocks in a London-based company, and then taken their money through an app after obtaining their bank account and credit card details, according to Chief Superintendent Marni Marcos, the head of the police's Anti-Cybercrime Group.

Authorities raided three buildings in Clark Freeport, a former US Air Force base north of Manila. The Israelis were arrested "while in the act of managing, operating and manning the three target buildings," said police chief Oscar Albayalde.

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