Rabbi watches grandson's bris live on phone while visiting Poland death camp

Aryeh Hendler was guiding a group of Israeli high school students' tour of the Majdanek concentration camp when his grandson's bris was taking place in Israel. After watching it live on his cellphone, he thanked the students for sharing the precious moment with him and told them, "We've been given a gift."
Hendler watching the bris on his phone Screen capture: Channel 2 News

Every year, Israeli high school students visit concentration camp sites in Poland. But last week's trip included an exceptional moment.

While Aryeh Hendler, the group's tour guide, was leading the students on their visit to The Mausoleum, or the mountain of ashes, at the Majdanek camp, his newborn grandson was being circumcised back in Israel. Thanks to modern technology, he was able to view the occasion live on his cellphone.

The baby was named Or Shmuel after Hendler's father, who was a Holocaust survivor.

An emotional Hendler thanked the students around him for sharing the precious moment with him. "We've been given a gift. A holy ritual on the mountain of ashes," he told them. "These ashes will not defeat us. We will continue to build, and to have children, and to start families."

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