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Report explains US embassy shutdown in Israel

An Al-Qaeda member from Sinai was part of the conference call intercepted by the US. According to the “Daily Beast”, that was reason the embassy in Tel Aviv closed for a day.

Aug 08, 2013, 01:19PM | Rina Feingold
US embassy in Tel Aviv, Archive.

US embassy in Tel Aviv, Archive. Photography: AP

American news site “the Daily Beast” revealed further details about the Al-Qaeda leaders’ conversation that was intercepted by the American intelligence agencies, causing 22 US embassies in different countries to shut down.

The US embassy in Tel Aviv was also closed due to the threat, for a day. Last night it was revealed that the intercepted call was a conference call between 20 high ranking members of the organization around the world, including: the organization head and Bin laden’s replacement – Ayman El Zawahiri, head of the organization in Yemen Naser El Wahishi, and representatives of the terror organization in Nigeria, Pakistan and Uzbekistan area. Also according to the report, one of the activists addressed in the call was from the Sinai area.

According to the site, that was the reason the embassy in Tel Aviv was closed.  A source in the US intelligence said that “they have proved that they can fire rockets at Eilat. It isn’t outside their capability to launch a rocket at Tel Aviv”.   

Ayman El Zawahiri.

Ayman El Zawahiri. Photography: AP

This “terror call” gave the US intelligence community a rare peek into the activity of the Al Qaeda organization after the death of Bin Laden. The call was intercepted after an earlier call between El Zawahiri and El Wahishi, which was passed through a third party. The organization leaders thought their conversation was secure, but the American intelligence managed to listen in and intercept information. 

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