Report: Netanyahu against settlement construction after Trump asked whether he’s peace obstacle

US President Donald Trump reportedly asked an American Jewish community leader whether Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is an obstacle to peace and received a surprising answer. Meanwhile, Netanyahu is against advancing settlement construction because he does not want to “annoy” Trump.
Trump and Netanyahu Photo Credit: Kobi Gideon/GPO/Channel 2 News

While US officials have condemned the Har Adar terror attack, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s close associates apparently understand that this is not the time to try to pull some strings with US President Donald Trump, according to a recent Channel 2 News report. When Israel’s Education Minister Naftali Bennett and Interior Minister Arye Dery asked that settlement construction continue, Netanyahu told them that this is not the time “to annoy the president [Trump].”

Netanyahu explained to the senior-level ministers that Trump is committed to reaching a peace deal and has stressed to the world that he will be successful in doing what his predecessors failed to do. Channel 2 News added that it appears that Netanyahu’s response was influenced by a report that found its way to him: Trump recently spoke with one of his close friends, who is a leader in the American Jewish community, and told him about his talks with Arab leaders, some of whom claimed that Netanyahu’s behavior is an obstacle to peace.

Trump reportedly asked his friend whether their claims have any basis. It appears that his friend said that at the moment, Netanyahu is not the problem.  

According to the Channel 2 News report, in the aftermath of the Har Adar terror attack, the Americans understand Netanyahu’s motto- security before peace. However, Washington could change its position at any moment and given this, Israel is preparing accordingly.

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