Israeli President Rivlin: “Move your embassy to Jerusalem”

Israel’s President called upon foreign ambassadors to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital city officially and to transfer their diplomatic activities to there.
Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Like every year on Independence Day, President Reuven Rivlin and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with the foreign diplomatic corps at the Presidential Residence. Foreign ambassadors from most countries came to the meeting. At this event, Rivlin called upon them to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital city.

“Most of you are younger than me,” Rivlin stated. “You have been born into a reality where Jerusalem is the capital city of Israel and you don’t know any other reality. Since the days of King David, there wasn’t and there won’t be another reality. The time has come to end this absurdity and to recognize Jerusalem as the capital city of the State of Israel.”

Netanyahu also attended the meeting and referred to UNESCO’s decision to reject Israeli sovereignty in Jerusalem. He called it “absurd.” He stated that diplomatic efforts succeeded in preventing many countries from supporting the UNESCO resolution.

“Over the last two days, I’ve had numerous conversations with various heads of state and foreign ministers about the absurd vote at the UN,” Netanyahu proclaimed. “The result is that the number of countries that support this absurd proposal is shrinking.  A year ago, it was 32; six months ago, it dropped to 26 and now, it’s down to 22 countries.”

“I still want to make a systematic and consistent effort to reduce this even further because these kinds of votes have no place at the UN,” Netanyahu declared. “Today, there are more countries that support Israel or abstain [from voting against it] than countries that oppose Israel.  It’s a change for the first time.”

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