Romania: 2 Israelis killed, 3 injured in car accident

Five Israeli medical school students were involved in a car accident near Romania’s capital city Bucharest. Two of them were killed. The Israeli Foreign Affairs Ministry is working to bring the bodies back to Israel.
Muhammad al-Jabrin and the scene of the crash Photo Credit: Screenshot from Romanian TV station/Channel 2 News

23-year-old Muhammad al-Jabrin from Lod was killed this morning (Tuesday) in a car accident near Bucharest, Romania. Four other Israelis were with him in the car and sustained injuries. One of the injured Israelis succumbed to his wounds at the hospital. The families of the victims were informed about the tragedy by the Israeli Foreign Affairs Ministry.

The five friends were attending medical school in Romania. It is still unclear why their car crashed into another car near the entrance to Bucharest.

The Israeli Foreign Affairs Ministry and the Israeli Embassy in Bucharest are working in order to bring the bodies of the Israelis who were killed back to Israel. In addition, they are assisting the families of the Israelis who were injured.

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