Search efforts for missing 22-year-old Israeli in Kyrgyzstan continue

The search for 22-year-old Hila Livne in Kyrgyzstan’s Sary-Chelek Nature Reserve entered its fifth day on Thursday. “She’s such a responsible girl that if she’s not answering, something must be wrong,” her mother said in an interview.
Hila Livne Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

For several days, search and rescue teams have been operating in Kyrgyzstan’s Sary-Chelek Nature Reserve, trying to local Hila Livne, a 22-year-old Israeli from Tel Aviv who has been missing since Saturday.

“She’s such a responsible girl that if she’s not answering, something must be wrong, something’s not working there,” Anat Livne, Hila’s mother, said. “That’s Hila…she would have called from any place she could- even if that means to send a pigeon into the air.”

The circumstances of Hila’s disappearance are still unclear. According to the Sital rescue company, Hila went on a long hike with an Israeli man and two French travelers. During their hike, the Israeli man fell off a hill and was slightly injured. The French hikers went to help the injured Israeli and when they returned, Hila was nowhere to be found.

A day after she was reported missing, Hila’s twin brother, Yuval, boarded a plane to Kyrgyzstan in order to join the search team. The family is also raising money in order to continue to the search efforts.

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