Spotify’s Facebook page shows map of Israel without proper borders

The digital music giant failed to present Israel with its proper borders and was harshly criticized. The company has not issued a response but promptly removed the post.
Israel with the Golan Heights and the West Bank Photo Credit: Screenshot from Facebook

Spotify’s Facebook page in Hebrew shows a map of Israel without the 1967 borders. In a post about the Israeli music group Garden City Movement that was uploaded on Sunday, the digital music giant failed to present a map showing Israel’s proper borders, drawing complaints from a number of users.

Amid the criticism, the post was taken off, but Spotify has yet to formally respond to the failure on its part.

The post included a short video that showed various cities around the world where the group’s famous single “Move On” was listened to most using Spotify. Tel Aviv came in second, but the map of Israel shown in the video did not include the West Bank and the Golan Heights.

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