Trump expected to renew waiver postponing US embassy move to Jerusalem

According to senior administration official, Trump fears that moving the embassy to a disputed territory might harm the possibility of peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians.
Photo credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

In a significant shift from his campaign pledge, US President Donald Trump is expected to renew a waiver keeping the US embassy in Tel Aviv, CNN reported Thursday.

According to a senior administration official, Trump still supports moving the embassy to Jerusalem, but believes now may not be the right time to do so becuase it might harm the chances of peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians.

Ever since the Congress approved a law mandating the relocation of the embassy to Jerusalem in 1995, every US President has signed a waiver to postpone the move out of national security interests.

On Monday, it was reported that Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had told his party members that although the Trump administration is generally more supportive of the Israeli stances on the Palestinian issue, Israel has not been given a "blank check" to do as it pleases.

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