Watch: Dozens of Turks gather outside Israeli consulate, protest decision to shut down Temple Mount

Dozens gathered outside of the Israeli consulate in Turkey on Friday night in order to protest against Israel’s decision to shut down the Temple Mount following yesterday morning’s deadly terror attack. Islamic groups in Jordan are planning to hold a massive protest against the decision as well.

Watch: The Temple Mount remains closed (Video Credit: Shogim L'Yamin)

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A day after the deadly terror attack in Jerusalem’s Old City, Jordan continues to condemn Israel’s decision to shut down the Temple Mount and Al-Aqsa Mosque. According to Palestinian reports, Islamic groups in the country are trying to organize a massive protest. If such a protest does take place, it will not be the first in response to the Israeli government’s decision. On Friday evening, dozens of people in Turkey gathered outside of the Israeli consulate for a protest.

Meanwhile, officials from the Jerusalem Islamic Waqf organization were interviewed by Arab news agencies. “The Israeli decision is an unprecedented crime and seriously harms the holy sites and freedom of religion,” said an Organization of Islamic Cooperation official.

Protest in Turkey Photo Credit: Twitter/Channel 2 News

Yesterday, Jordan harshly criticized the decision, urging Israel to immediately reopen the Temple Mount. In response, Israel issued a statement: “Instead of condemning the attack, Jordan decided to attack Israel, which protects the worshipers and preserves religious freedom at the holy site. Israel won’t suffer any harm at the holy sites and it maintains the status quo. All the parties involved, including Jordan, should demonstrate restraint and prevent the increase of tensions.”

The Temple Mount after the terror attack Photo Credit: Israel Police Spokesperson/Channel 2 News

On Friday morning, three terrorists from Umm al-Fahm murdered two Druze Israel Police officers near Jerusalem Old City’s Lions Gate. After shooting the officers, the terrorists fled to the Temple Mount compound, where they were eliminated by Israeli security forces.

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