US officials confirm: Israel carried out airstrike after informing Washington about plans

As Israel remains silent about the early morning attack on a Syrian airbase, US officials stated that the IDF carried out the attack, confirming claims made by Russia and Syria. According to the sources, who spoke with NBC News, Israel informed the White House about its plans to attack the airbase.
Israeli fighter jet Photo Credit: Yissachar Ruas/TPS

Hours after an airstrike on a Syrian airbase near Homs, officials in US President Donald Trump’s administration confirmed the latest Syrian and Russian claims— that Israel carried out the attack. According to two US officials who spoke with NBC News, Israel even updated Washington about its plans to attack the airbase. Israeli officials have yet to comment on the claims.

The airstrike was initially attributed to Washington by Syria. However, the Pentagon quickly denied the reports. Syrian media outlets then started accusing Israel of carrying out the attack, and Russian military officials stated that two Israeli jets were used in the attack on the airbase, which is used by Iranian forces in Syria.

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s spokesperson said that Moscow was not informed ahead of time about the attack that has been attributed to Israel. Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov added that the fact that Israel did not update Moscow is a “reason for concern” as Russian military personnel also work at the base.

Earlier today, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that the early morning attack on the Syrian T4 airbase is a very concerning development. “The situation in Syria is starting to look even more dangerous,” he warned. “There are players who are entering the conflict uninvited.”

“I hope that the US understands that this is a dangerous development,” he stated, adding that an investigation should be launched to discover who was responsible for the airstrike in which 14 people, including Iranians, were killed.

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