Clinton: Nuclear agreement with Iran made Israel safer

For the first time since entering the presidential race, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton gives an interview to the Israeli media. In the conversation with Israeli journalist Yonit Levi that will be broadcast on Channel 2’s main newscast tonight, Clinton speaks about Iran. Watch part of the interview.
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Just a few weeks before the US elections, Clinton gave an exclusive interview to Israel’s Channel 2 News, making it her first interview with the Israeli media during her presidential campaign. During the conversation held with Yonit Levi in New York, Clinton emphasized that she will deal with Iran’s aggressiveness and make sure that Tehran does not continue to build a nuclear weapon. The full interview will be broadcasted this evening (Thursday) on Channel 2’s main newscast.

When she was asked about the negotiations with Iran, which began during her tenure as secretary of state, and Donald Trump’s recent statement according to which the nuclear agreement will bring about the destruction of Israel unless he is elected, she replied: “I believe with all my heart that putting a lid on Iran’s nuclear weapons program has made Israel safer, has made the region safer [and] prevented a nuclear arms race.”

Clinton also explained how she plans to act towards Iran if she is elected: “We have to go after any violations on ballistic missiles, we’ve got to work much harder to contain the threat that they continue to pose because of their very aggressive support of terrorism, whether it is Hezbollah or Hamas. But we are in a stronger position than we would have been to deal with this other malicious behavior because of the nuclear agreement.”

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