Israeli flag torn off restaurant by skinheads in Ukraine

A gang of skinheads tore an Israeli flag off of a Jewish restaurant in Kiev, Ukraine. The owner of the restaurant said that this incident turned his stomach.
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Only two days after its opening, Jerusalem Restaurant in Kiev, Ukraine was attacked by a gang of skinheads. The restaurant is located on a main street in the capital city near a UN building and a number of embassies. The gang saw the flag above the restaurant and decided to tear it off.

The guard in front of the restaurant attempted to stop them but they escaped with the flag. The restaurant's owner filed a vandalism and an anti-Semitic crime complaint and after an hour, the police arrested the suspects.

The restaurant Photo Credit: Adi Schwartzman/Channel 2 News

"The thing that disturbs me in this video is that you can see that everything is peaceful and suddenly someone appears and disturbs the peace," said Sagi Cohen, one of the owners. "These aren't Muslims, these are extremists who walk among us. This is hate that I cannot understand.”

Cohen also said, "You see anti-Semitism in Kiev here and there but still the Jewish community is very large. I hope that these incidents won't repeat themselves, these incidents turn your stomach."

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