Watch: 15,000 people rally against recruitment of Haredi population to IDF in Brooklyn

Approximately 15,000 demonstrators in Brooklyn participated in a rally against recruitment to the IDF organized by one of the factions of the extreme Satmar Hasidic group.
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Yesterday (Sunday), approximately 15,000 Haredi Jews in Brooklyn demonstrated against recruitment to the IDF. The rally was held at Barclays Stadium in Brooklyn, New York, and was organized by one of the factions of the extremist Satmar Hasidic group. The rally was attended by members of other ultra-Orthodox communities as well.

"The purpose of the meeting today is to declare to all the Jews in our Holy Land - you are not alone," stated Grand Rebbe of the Satmar Hasidic group. "We, the brothers, know that there are thousands of Israelis who stand by you and want to take part in your devotion and in the work of Kiddush Hashem that you are doing...Arrests and persecution will not help. Nothing will break the power of holiness and the power of your devotion."

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"About five years ago, when the enlistment of yeshiva students returned," he continued. "The ultra-Orthodox public declared the fight against recruitment. Now that they have become part of the government and have begun to receive huge budgets, they cannot see the truth because the bribes blind the wise."  

It's important to note that the Haredi community in Israel didn't support the demonstration. Leaders and rabbis strongly attempted to prevent the rally. This is an extremist movement that is working against the mainstream of ultra-Orthodox society. Following the activity of Israeli rabbis, attendance at the rally was much smaller than expected. The purpose of the organizers was to embarrass Israel in the face of the Americans and they even screened edited videos showing alleged police brutality.


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