Trump’s top advisor: Jewish population in West Bank does not harm Israel’s Jewish character

In a video released by Channel 2 Online, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s top advisor David Friedman speaks about his support for the Jewish population in the West Bank. These statements come just a day before Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Trump are scheduled to meet in New York.
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Shortly before Netanyahu is expected to meet with Trump, the Republican presidential candidate’s top advisor David Friedman met with Samaria Regional Council chairman Yossi Dagan. During the meeting, Friedman spoke out against the claims that the Jewish presence in the West Bank will harm the majority population in Israel.

The two met after a sister city pact was signed between the Samaria Regional Council and Hempstead, New York. “Right now, 75% of the population within the Green Line is Jewish," Friedman said in a video that was recorded during the meeting. “There are 400,000 Jews in Judea and Samaria as well as another 400,000 in East Jerusalem. They are multiplying right now and oddly enough, the Arab birthrate has gone down.”

According to Friedman, many Arabs have begun to leave the West Bank but their names still remain on the property deeds. “If you asked ten statisticians how many Arabs are living in the West Bank, they couldn’t give you the right answer,” he explained. “Nobody really knows. The bottom line is that under most calculations, if you took the entire State of Israel from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea, you would connect all of Judea and Samaria into Israel, the Jewish population would still be about 65 percent.”

Friedman added that “the idea that if Jews somehow take control over Judea and Samaria, it’s no longer a Jewish state, is just not true.” According to Friedman, the data does not back up this claim. “If you study the numbers, you’ll see that the whole idea that we have to give up Judea and Samaria in order to maintain the Jewish characteristics of Israel is simply not true.”

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