Jews for Trump chairwoman: Trump did a good job during debate

While it is still unclear who really won the first presidential debate last night, the Israelis living in the US who were interviewed by Channel 2 News expressed their firm opinions regarding the two leading candidates.

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Among the millions of Americans who watched the first presidential debate last night (Monday) were many Israelis who live in the US. Some of them are Donald Trump supporters while some support Hillary Clinton but each Israeli who was interviewed by Channel 2 News had something to say about the two candidates.

“I thought that Trump actually did a good job,” said Jews for Trump chairwoman Eve Stieglitz. “He talked to a wider audience of Americans. I think that next time, he needs to prepare better and attack her in a more decisive manner. Her policies are tiring and I hope we will be able to expose some of her failures in the future.”

Stieglitz disagreed with the reports claiming that Clinton won the debate: “She spoke to the left-wing voters. She was like a robot and I didn’t see anything new from her. It’s impossible to believe a word she says.”

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Adi Cohen, an Israeli journalist who lives in New York, said that the debate was a bit humiliating for Trump. “It could be that he is liked by a group of critical voters mainly as a protest vote,” explained Cohen. “The matters he brought up in the beginning were correct just it took her only ten minutes to do the easiest thing and get under his skin and then he started going off topic.”

Reuven Bromberg, who is a Clinton supporter and lives in Miami, was surprised that Trump did not attack the Democratic presidential candidate in a more decisive manner. In addition, Bromberg said that the Republican presidential candidate was unclear and jumped from thought to thought. “It was impossible to understand him,” Bromberg said. “He didn’t stand up for anything during the debate.”

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