10 wines you want on your table this Rosh Hashana

The New Year is a time for introspection and growth and also provides the perfect opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and try new things. If you don’t want to plunge into the deep end right away, start with small changes. When you pick out your wines for Rosh Hashana, be brave and try a new brand or vintage. Here are a few wines to kick-start the new you.
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Yarden Blanc de Blancs- A special sparkling wine made in the traditional champagne style is the perfect way to get into the festive spirit. With a bit of graceful creaminess, this complex sparkling wine is crisp, elegant and drinkable. Great served on its own as an aperitif, the wine also pairs wonderfully with a delicate cheese soufflé, a selection of fish tempura, or smoked salmon.

Galil Alon – A nuanced red wine with flavors of sweet plum, liquorice and an edge of spiciness with pepper, cloves and sweet spices. Drink it this Rosh Hashana to start off the year right. It is best served with medium-intense flavored food like a braised shoulder or lamb rubbed in oriental spices.

Hermon Indigo 2014  –  A flavorful and medium-bodied red blend that makes a great everyday drinking wine. A very affordable wine for its flavor, Hermon Indigo is a big favorite as it goes well with a wide variety of foods including roasted lamb, spare ribs, a good sirloin steak, or grilled vegetable antipasti.

Yarden Merlot 2012 –  An elegant rich red wine full of complexity, this merlot displays many layers of flavor that continue to surprise as the wine breathes. Yarden Merlot pairs delightfully with main dishes such as beef short ribs, grilled lamb chops, roast turkey, or a porcini mushroom tart.

Yarden Muscat – A sweet yet elegant dessert wine. It is a delightfully light dessert wine and is perfect when you want to enjoy something for a sweet New Year. It pairs well with most desserts including various cheeses, or fruit desserts such as fresh strawberries with whipped cream, or dark chocolate.

Recanati Shiraz Galil Elyon 2015 – This Shiraz is a beautiful black-purple color and has deep and powerful flavor of violets, lavender and black pepper, accompanied by aromas of oak. Splurge for the holidays and serve this wine with a rich-flavored Porterhouse.

Recanati Carignan Wild Reserve 2014 – A wonderfully festive red wine that contains unique aromas and flavors of black plum, berries and pecans.  Its rich flavor lends itself perfectly to be enjoyed with a delicious holiday meal of Entrecote steaks.

Gvaot Masada 2013  - Masada is a powerful, complex red wine blend with great aging potential. Even with the rich flavors, Masada is smooth, elegant and easy to drink. An excellent match for complex meat dishes such as beef Wellington, tournedos-style filet, slow-roasted saddle or leg of lamb with root vegetables.

Château Haut Peyraguey Sauternes -Sauternes is a distinctively flavored French white wine balancing sweetness with the zest of acidity. This delicious and light wine tastes of apricots, honey and peaches with a nutty note. Sauternes is a classic match with foie gras, but can be paired with a variety of foods.

Midbar Southern White 2014 -  A dry white blend of Chardonnay, Viognier, Chenin Blanc and Gewurztraminer, this wine has aromas of apricots, lemons, apples and pears and hints of lime. Medium to full-bodied, this wine is best served with grilled fish and roasted vegetables.

Whatever vintage of wine you usually prefer, now is the time to try some fresh new flavors. With an ever-expanding variety of top quality kosher wines, pamper yourself and bring in the New Year with a wine that you will love.

It might not be your usual, but now’s your opportunity for freshness, even when it comes to the wine on your table.

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