Controversial Holocaust-themed ice skating performance

A dance performed on a popular Russian television show has gone viral after the two dancers wore the Jewish prisoner’s uniform from the Holocaust while ice-skating to the theme song from the movie Life is Beautiful.
The skaters in Jewish Holocaust uniform Photo credit: taken from the show

Today (Sunday), a video from a Russian television show has gone viral. The video shows the performance of two ice-skaters wearing the Jewish prisoner’s uniform with a yellow star from the Holocaust. The skaters performed to the sounds of the theme song from the movie Life is Beautiful, a movie that deals with the Holocaust.

The performance was done as part of the popular Russian television show. However, it has received harsh criticism online claiming the dance was disrespectful to the Jews of the Holocaust, despite receiving applause from the audience and encouragement from the judges on the execution of the performance.

The performers are local Russian actor Andre Burkovsky and Olympic ice skater and world champion Tatiana Navka.

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