Double arson at kosher restaurants in Manchester being treated as anti-Semitic hate crimes

Two kosher restaurants in northern Manchester's Prestwich community were targeted by arsonists over a span four days. The linked arson attacks at the JS and Ta'am restaurants are being investigated by police as anti-Semitic hate crimes. Local police are working with the Community Security Trust to patrol the area.
Arson attack at the JS Restaurant Photo Credit: Steve Allen/ Channel 2 News

British police have launched a manhunt for suspects after two arson attacks targeted kosher restaurants in northern Manchester. The British media stressed that no one was hurt by the incidents because both occurred early in the morning. The two incidents are being treated as anti-Semitic hate crimes. The two restaurants, one a deli and the other serving Israeli-style meat fast food, are located in a famously Orthodox Jewish neighborhood north of Manchester's city center.

According to the police investigation, early yesterday morning, arsonists broke the window of JS, poured fuel and lit a fire in the seating area of the restaurant. Firefighters arrived quickly and managed to prevent serious damage. Last Friday, arsonists threw milk cartons full of fuel at the Ta'am Restaurant, located on the central Bury New Road and about a minute's walk away from the JS restaurant. Luckily, the burning cartons failed to cause serious damage.

The local police has reportedly increased patrols in the neighborhood to try to ward off additional arsonists and to reassure the community. “Thankfully no one was injured in either attack, but we are treating these as anti-Semitic hate crimes. This is clearly very worrying for businesses and people living in the area and I want to offer you my assurances that we have increased patrols in the area and have a team investigating these linked crimes," said Detective Chief Inspector Charlotte Cadden of GMP's Bury Borough, who is leading the investigation. Detective Cadden further asked the public to come forward with any relevant information or concerns.

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