Four million text messages: “Death to the Jews”

Databases of a million users, of which all of them were leading international corporations operating in the Middle East, were broken into by anonymous hackers who tried to send out anti-Semitic messages.
Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

A group of hackers broke into the databases of one million users, all of them international corporations operating in the Middle East, and sent to them four million text messages.  In their text messages, they stated: “Our motto is death to America and death to the Jews.”

It is said that the security breach happened in 2013 and since then, there has been two other breaches. The databases of the cellphone company SM Global in Australia was broken into.  Locating the findings was possible thanks to an investigation by the intelligence services of Australia, the US, Great Britain and the United Arab Emirates.

The investigation revealed that most of the messages were blocked and did not arrive to the subscribers.  At this stage, it is still not known who distributed the messages.

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