Watch: Clash between Haredi and non-Orthodox Jews at Western Wall

The Western Wall plan continues to spark riots: Today, hundreds of Reform and Conservative Jews arrived at the Western Wall in order to hold an egalitarian prayer service in protest of the decision to delay the plan. At the holy site, they encountered dozens of Haredi Jews who shouted and whistled in order to disrupt their prayer service.
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This evening (Thursday), clashes broke out at the Western Wall between Haredi Jews and non-Orthadox Jews who came to the Western Wall to pray. The police force at the scene did not separate the sides once the clash began and refrained from intervening. “We will continue to work for a Jewish and democratic State of Israel,” said CEO of Israel’s Reform Movement Rabbi Gilad Kariv.

About three hundred Jews from the Reform and Conservative movements arrived today in order to conduct an egalitarian prayer service at the Western Wall, in order to protest the delay in implementing the plan to create a separate compound. The Reform and Conservative Jews were met by dozens of Haredi Jews who were shouting, whistling and singing in order to disrupt the prayer service.

“What we saw today at the Western Wall was hundreds of Reform and Conservative Jews who came to pray, rejoice and sing the national anthem, while others came to curse, divide [the society] and disrupt the singing of the national anthem,” added Kariv. “The prayer today is a message of determination against foot-dragging in implementing the Western Wall plan.”

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