Jewish people throughout the world to unite for Shabbat Project

The Shabbat Project’s third annual international gathering is set to take place this weekend. Over 970 cities have already signed up to participate in this year’s global Shabbat, uniting Jewish people from around the world.
Young participants in Melbourne Photo Credit: The Shabbat Project

Jewish people from around the world will gather for the Shabbat Project this weekend. For the past three years, hundreds of cities have been participating in the annual gathering, which unites Jewish people from all over the world.

“The Shabbat Project ( is a global, grassroots movement that brings Jews from across the world together to keep a single, unforgettable Shabbat, transcending religious denomination, political persuasion or other arbitrary boundaries such as age, language or lifestyle,” read this year’s press release.

“Over the past two years, it was nothing short of thrilling and deeply inspiring to witness Jews come together across every conceivable divide – language, culture, ethnicity, geography, observance,” stated South African Chief Rabbi Dr. Warren Goldstein, the founder and director of the Shabbat Project.

Participants in El Salvador Photo Credit: The Shabbat Project

In 2014, 460 cities participated in the first Shabbat Project. Just a year later, the number of participating cities almost doubled when 918 cities took part in the second Shabbat Project. As the third annual event approaches, more than 970 cities have already signed up to participate in it.

Some of this year’s new participating cities are Mbale (Uganda), Tuscany (Italy), St. Louis (U.S.), Wilhelmshaven (Germany) and Łódź (Poland).

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