Chabad House memorial site to honor and remember all victims of 2008 Mumbai attacks

For the first time since the 2008 Mumbai attacks, Moshe Holtzberg returned to the scene where his parents were murdered 10 years ago. "We are very excited," Rabbi Israel Kozlovsky, who now runs the city's Chabad House, said. The Indian nanny who saved Moshe's life joined him and together they will participate in the unveiling of the memorial site set to be built at the Chabad House.
Moshe Holtzberg with his grandparents, the Indian Prime Minister and the Israeli Prime Minister Photo Credit: Flash90

Moshe Holtzberg was one-year-old when his parents, who ran the Chabad House in Mumbai, were viciously murdered in the 2008 terror attacks in the city. On Tuesday, Moshe returned to the scene for the first time since the terror attack with his grandfather, grandmother and Sandra Samuel – the nanny who saved Moshe’s life 10 years ago leaving her life in India in order to move to Israel and continue caring for Moshe.

As reported earlier by JOL, the now 11-year-old Moshe is visiting India for the unveiling of a building plan for a memorial site set to be erected at Mumbai’s Chabad House in memory of all victims of the 2008 terror attacks. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will also attend the unveiling ceremony. “We are very excited,” said Rabbi Israel Kozlovsky, who now runs the city’s Chabad House.

According to the Chabad website, the Living Memorial is “designed to educate and inspire people of all backgrounds to act for the betterment of themselves, their communities and the world.” The memorial will include the Holtzberg’s apartment along with the floor where the terror attack occurred. Additionally, a reflection garden in memory of all of the terror attack victims will be built on the top floor, where one can apparently “see the sites of the other terror attacks that swept through Mumbai.

During the series of terror attacks that occurred in Mumbai in November 2008, 166 people were murdered, including the six victims murdered in the city’s Chabad House. According to BBC News, the Indian media is still referring to Moshe as “baby Moshe.”

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