Muslim American children following JCC bomb threat in Houston: “We love you, Jewish friends”

This past week, the Houston Jewish Community Center was evacuated following a bomb threat in the building. In response to this incident, Muslim children presented an abundance of flowers, dolls and greetings to the local Jewish community.
Photo Credit: Mickey Plotkin/Channel 2 News

Last week, the Houston Jewish Community Center was evacuated following a bomb threat and last night, the Muslim American community greeted local Jews with gifts, greetings and a clear message: “We love you.”

Members and employees of the Houston Jewish Community Center found it difficult to hide their excitement when they arrived with the gift packages a couple of days before Purim. The Jewish Community Center was flooded with teddy bears, dolls and moving letters written by children for children.

The move comes after over 100 Jewish schools and centers have faced terror alerts. Yesterday, a Jewish school in Florida was evacuated. The Muslim American community did not remain indifferent to these incidents and felt that they should do something.

“This is a very joyful afternoon,” one of the emails written by one of the managers at the place stated. “We have been blessed by a number of friends from the Muslim community with flowers, greetings and dolls. They want to express their support for us in light of the bomb threats we have known recently and the other anti-Semitic incidents across the country. They are a real blessing.”

Mickey Plotkin, the Jewish Agency representative in Houston, stated: “The support of the Muslim community here has been very exciting for me as an Israeli representative and the local Jewish community. This gesture really warms the heart.”

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