Anti-Semitic attack in Paris: Finger of Jewish man sawed off

Two Jewish brothers were attacked on Tuesday night in a Paris suburb. According to the report, the attackers repeatedly kicked the brothers. One attacker even sawed off the finger of one of the brothers.
Synagogue in Paris (archive) Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Two Jewish brothers claim that they were briefly held hostage and beaten by several male attackers in a Paris suburb on Tuesday night, according to a report that was released yesterday (Thursday) by the National Bureau for Vigilance Against Anti-Semitism (BNVCA). The two brothers were admitted to the hospital for medical treatment following the attack. The attackers even sawed off the finger of one of the brothers.

The kippah-wearing brothers, whose father is the leader of a local Jewish community, were forced off the road by a car that hit their car. According to the brothers, the passengers of the other vehicle shouted anti-Semitic slogans at them and threatened to kill them.

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According to the report, the attackers then forced the brothers out of their car. The brothers claim that the attackers, who appeared to be of Middle Eastern descent, then started to kick and hit them while threatening that if they fought back, they would be murdered. One of the attackers then took out a saw and sawed off the finger of one of the brothers.

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