Son of Israeli killed in Berlin terror attack: “We celebrate the victory of light over darkness”

Or Elyakim, the son of the late Dalia Elyakim who was murdered in the Berlin terror attack, took part in the traditional Hanukkah lighting ceremony in the city.

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His father is fighting for his life in a local hospital and his condition is critical but last night, Or Elyakim, the son of the late Dalia Elyakim who was murdered in the terror attack that occurred in Berlin last week, is trying to return to his normal routine. Or participated in Berlin’s traditional Hanukkah lighting ceremony under heavy security.

The traditional candle lighting ceremony, conducted by the Berlin Jewish community, had about 1,500 participants that included local government officials. Both Christians and Muslims attended the event.

The late Dalia Elyakim with her husband Rami Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

“The attack that we experienced in the city was a despicable act that is clearly directed against the three religions alike,” Berlin’s Rabbi Yehuda Teichtal stated. “It was directed against the democratic world and values such as peace and tolerance. The attack was designed to perpetuate darkness and we are celebrating a holiday whose essence is the opposite: the victory of the spirit and light over the darkness.”

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