Testimony of British Jewish man that was gang raped by 8 anti-Semitic Muslim men

After Pakistani writer Noor Dahri published an op-ed in JerusalemOnline documenting the violent gang rape of a 52-year-old British Jewish man by anti-Semitic mobs, Yisro’el Shalom, the victim, sent JerusalemOnline a shocking video testimony describing what he went through.
Photo Credit: Noor Dahri

After Pakistani writer Noor Dahri published an op-ed in JerusalemOnline (click here to read the op-ed) documenting that Yisro’el Shalom, a 52-year-old British Jewish man, was violently gang raped by anti-Semitic mobs in order to force him to move away from his home that was located within a Muslim area of London, numerous individuals within British society have responded to the shocking news, wondering if the story was real given that there was no Police record and that no one besides JerusalemOnline covered the story. Following these developments, Mr. Shalom sent JerusalemOnline video testimony speaking about his experience: “I was violently raped by 8 Muslim men. Not Asians as the term commonly used for they were Muslims.”

“The result of being raped is that there was 79% bruising and my bowels collapsed at 62%," Shalom stated. "As they were shouting Allahu Akhbar, they were pushing my teeth into my mouth. I had to walk home covered in blood in the middle of nowhere and no one asked me if I was ok. If you want for me to go through the ends and outs of this, I don’t have to prove to anybody that this happened to me because I still have the pain and agony and I still have the no teeth as a reminder every day of what happened to me.”

In addition to being gang raped, Shalom claims that he got infected with a deadly virus, resulting in him having two mild strokes. He claims that he still does not have control over his right side.  As a result of all of this whole ordeal, he stresses that he is terminally ill. In addition, he claims that he suffers from complex post-traumatic stress disorder and Dahri stated that his mental health is deteriorating by the day. After being gang raped, Dahri stated that Shalom was forced to relocate to a Jewish area of London for the authorities did not want to take any action to protect him. According to Dahri, a senior level Met Police officer told Shalom: “The Police does not want to arrest anti-Semitic people because there will be riots all over the borough in protest of such arrests and the Police is not prepared to control the riots.” Dahri claims that the mayor of that area also reportedly mocks victims of anti-Semitism in public.  

Prior to being brutally gang raped, Dahri reported that when Yisro’el was living in the Borough of Newham in East London, he was attacked 340 times and verbally abused nearly 60 times.  According to Dahri, “He was physically tortured, kicked and punched in the face because he was a Jewish living within the Muslim community.”  He added that when these Muslims attacked Yisro’el, they shouted: “Kill the Jew.” They told him: “You will soon die for invading our land" and his home had a swastika sprayed on it alongside the words “die die” on the windows. Shalom claims that the graffiti attack upon his home was the “worst anti-Semitic graffiti attack upon a residential home that we have seen.” Dahri stated that before Shalom relocated following the rape, he barely was able to leave his home due to the anti-Semitic harassment and he spent months ordering food online while just walking around inside at home.

In an exclusive interview with JerusalemOnline, Shalom stated repeatedly that his only desire left is to make Aliyah to Israel so that he can feel at home when he dies. However, Shalom stated that Jafi UK and the Ministry of Interior said to him that because he has complex post-traumatic stress disorder, they cannot help him make Aliyah until this issue is resolved. Following these developments, Shalom feels increasingly let down and depressed: “I’m terminally ill. I have not received the care I need. I am a vegetable simply because this country let me down. They didn’t protect or serve me. After six years of the authorities messing up, I am done. I can’t fight it alone anymore. I’ve been held at knifepoint countless times, kicked the heck out of and why? Because I do not believe what they believe. All I want is to spend my final days and months in Israel where I am loved by all and I need help with that.”

It should be noted that apart from Dahri's op-ed alongside the photographs and the video testimony provided to JerusalemOnline, the story has not been confirmed with the British Police, a British hospital or authorities in the UK. Members of the British Jewish community need to examine the issue and get the story confirmed. 

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