Thousands of Jewish worshipers participate in Selichot tours

Tens of thousands of people arrived last night at the Western Wall in Jerusalem’s Old City. The traditional Selichot tours were conducted under tight security in light of the deadly terror attack that occurred on Sunday.
The Western Wall, last night Photo Credit: Ahron Gatz/Channel 2 News

Tens of thousands of people visited yesterday evening (Monday) Jerusalem’s Western Wall as part of the traditional Selichot tours prior to Yom Kippur. After a relatively calm but tense day, all of the roads leading to Jerusalem’s Old City were blocked off by police.

The last Selichot tours started yesterday evening but at midnight, they reached their peak when thousands of Jewish people arrived at the Western Wall. Israel Police forces ensured the safety of the Jewish participants.

Two days ago, it was feared that thousands of Jewish worshipers would decide to not visit Jerusalem’s Old City and Western Wall in light of the recent terror attack in the city. However, it appears that the deadly terror attack has not thwarted the Jewish worshipers’ plans. Last year, fewer Jewish worshipers participated in the Selichot tours due to the terror wave.

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