Jewish school in Tunisia attacked with Molotov cocktails during riots

Unknown attackers threw Molotov cocktails at a religious Jewish school on a Tunisian island, as anti-government riots were taking place elsewhere in the country.
A Jewish man at an ancient Tunisian synagogue Photo credit: Mohamed Messara, EPA

A Jewish school in Tunisia was attacked on Tuesday, witnesses and the local Interior Ministry said.

The attack on the island of Djerba occurred as anti-government protests were raging elsewhere in the country, resulting in low security presence in the area of the school. Unknown attackers threw Molotov cocktails at the school, causing damage but no injuries.

Perez Trabelsi, the head of the local Jewish community, said the attackers took advantage of the fact that the police were concentrating their forces in other parts of the country. "Unknown people took the opportunity of the protests and threw Molotov cocktails into the lobby of a Jewish religious school in Djerba," he said, according to Reuters.

More than 200 people were arrested in violent clashes that took place in about 20 cities in the North African country, where locals protested the rising prices and a new tax policy.

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