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Tourism in Israel

Dec 19 2014

Israel's secret natural springs
A new trekking route in Beit She'an offers 140…

Nov 24 2014

The lowest site in the world - Dead Sea
Shalom friends, it's Malka Kotzer writing to you…

Nov 23 2014

El-Al once again merits "every landing always late" quip
Carrier has one of the worst punctuality records

Nov 07 2014

Weekend Edition: Rockets replaced by Hot Air Balloons in the skies of Southern Israel
At 5:30 in the morning, preparations are underway…

Oct 26 2014

Following the riots: Tourists avoid the old city
Very few tourists visit the old city of Jerusalem…

Oct 18 2014

Sunny Autumn day attracted 90,000 Israelis to the outdoors
Thousands of Israelis took advantage of the sunny…

Sep 29 2014

Also in Israel: Electronic device usage during take-off and landing
Israel is following Europe's and the U.S.'s path:…

Sep 17 2014

Operation in the Jordan River: 15 thousand mines were cleared
After many decades that extensive minefields prevented…

Jul 31 2014

Vacation in Israel? Now?
The Tourism Ministry has decided to fight against…

May 09 2014

Watch: Hottest Summer Vacation Destinations for Israelis
Of course, the final decision is made after looking…

Apr 13 2014

The Residences at The Ritz-Carlton
The Ritz-Carlton has taken the concept of private…

Jan 08 2014

La Traviata in Massada - June 2014
“La Traviata” for the first time at Masada, a…

Jan 04 2014

Watch: MSC Fantasia, Floating City, Docks in Haifa
Captain Stubing’s Love Boat is nothing compared…

Dec 16 2013

Have you walked on the wild side of Tel Aviv?
Tel Aviv sure lives up to its reputation, and…

Dec 10 2013

Israel: A Tourist Attraction
Tourists who have visited the country are apparently…

Nov 11 2013

Explore the History of the Holocaust
Called “a national treasure” by the Associated…

Sep 21 2013

Watch: Aluminum Theatre Experience Returns to…
This show combines modern dance, acrobatics, original…

Aug 20 2013

The French are Coming!
In the past, French Jews bought apartments for…

Aug 16 2013

The Best Kebab in the World: Which Israeli Restaurant…
A small, publicity-less restaurant; Abu-Gosh managed…

Aug 11 2013

Hot Air Balloon Tour above Jerusalem
In a few months there will be a new attraction…

Aug 04 2013

Fun Exhibits in Tel Aviv
Israeli kids were treated to these works of art…

Jul 16 2013

The New Israeli-Arab Cuisine
The secret is in combining traditional local ingredients…

Jul 11 2013

Space Exhibit in Tel Aviv
Kids were allowed to touch this real moon rock,…

Jul 03 2013

Tel Aviv Annual Water Party
Cooling down from the Tel Aviv heat with a Water…

Jul 01 2013

Kibbutz hotels in Israel
Staying at one of Israel kibbutz hotels is a truly…

Jun 24 2013

Tel Aviv White Night June 27th 2013
Tel Aviv White Night Festival June 27th, 2013…

May 26 2013

Best new hotels in Israel
Best new hotels in Israel 2013 - Make sure not…

Apr 17 2013

Recommended Hotels in Israel
Top recommended hotels in Israel 2013

Apr 07 2013

Ancient Jewish Manuscripts Make it to Israel
The ancient Jewish manuscripts have begun gradually…

Mar 13 2013

Mysterious Tunnels Underneath Tel Aviv
Join us for a journey into the underbelly of Tel…

Feb 28 2013

Dilemmas for the ‘shrinking’ Dead Sea
What does the future hold for the Dead Sea?

Feb 27 2013

Jerusalem’s Old Train Station Gets a Facelift
The Old Train Station in the heart of Jerusalem…

Feb 25 2013

Pure Gold in Jerusalem
The shimmering exhibition that opened last June…

Feb 17 2013

Winter Tourism in Israel
For Clemont from Belgium, it’s beautiful summery…

Feb 06 2013

Tel Aviv marathon 2013
The Tel Aviv Marathon is the biggest running event…

Jan 27 2013

Classical and heritage tours in Israel
Experience the Classical and heritage tours in…

Jan 20 2013

The Search for Herod’s Grave
This is the grave site of King Herod, the man…

Jan 15 2013

The International Ice Festival in Jerusalem
The International Ice Festival in Jerusalem: 20…

Dec 31 2012

First Snow of the Season on Mt. Hermon
The peaks of Mt. Hermon in northern Israel have…

Dec 27 2012

Volcanic Activity on the Golan Heights
The volcanic rock on the Golan Heights is 700…

Dec 01 2012

Dangers of the Dead Sea
Yehuda Cohen planted Palm trees years ago around…

Oct 29 2012

Pro-Israel Christians in Jerusalem
5000 Christian Pro-Israel supporters gathered…

Oct 13 2012

Best Hummus in the World
Where can you find the best hummus in the world?

Oct 06 2012

Archeological Dig at Goliath’s Hometown
Tourists from all over the world have volunteered…

Aug 31 2012

Red Sea Haunted Waters
The Red Sea is where we love to swim and explore…

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