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Best Hummus in the World


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Published On: Oct 13, 2012

Where can you find the best hummus in the world?

We went in search to find out. Our first stop, a tiny little hummus joint called Akramawey, in the Old City of Jerusalem. There are actually a few places called Akramawey, but they’re all owned by one family, which has been making hummus for generations. Doron has been giving culinary tours of the Old City for years.

Their recipe comes from their grandfather, who himself comes from Syria. It all starts with chickpeas and the right spices. This was the old way to make the delicious chickpea paste. In another corner of the old city, tucked away in a residential neighborhood, is another hummus restaurant that few have ever heard of. Everything is homemade here all with special tools brought from the old country. Abu Chassan has been making his hummus the same way for 46 years.

Abu Chassan says he laments the day people began using machines to make hummus. His is all handmade. Doron found this place by accident. One rainy day, he began looking for shelter, and just happened in. Abu Ali’s hummus restaurant is also a three generation dynasty. Apparently, the two cities known for their hummus are Jerusalem and nearby Ramallah in the Palestinian Authority. Nablus in the West Bank is also famed for its hummus. Once a hotbed of terrorist activity, the ancient Nablus market is now a culinary haven. At Rayed’s place, it’s as if time stood still. His grandfather opened the place around 120 years ago, sometime in the late 19th century. A plate of hummus here costs under a dollar. Nearby is a hummus place owned by Hamid. His place is only 64 years old. His secret? Cooking the chickpeas over coals rather than a gas stove.

One other secret is using the right water. In Nablus, they say the water helps male potency. But according to the experts like Doron, Jerusalem is still the world capital of hummus. But Abu Chassan says hummus has no place or nationality, but rather, comes from Heaven. 

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