Tel Aviv’s 2017 LGBT pride parade to promote bisexuality visibility

According to the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality, the city will be the first in the world to host a major pride parade promoting bisexuality visibility. The parade will take place on June 9 but the city-wide pride celebrations will begin on June 3.
Tel Aviv Pride Photo Credit: Guy Yechiely

The Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality has announced that the theme of this year’s LGBT pride parade is bisexuality visibility, meaning that Tel Aviv will host the first massive bisexuality-themed pride parade in the world.

The parade will take place on June 9 but hundreds of thousands of people from Israel and abroad are expected to flock to Tel Aviv already on June 3 in order to enjoy a week of “nonstop week of parties, events and shows.” The events will celebrate the city’s lively LGBTQ community. About 200,000 people are expected to participate in the pride parade.

Tel Aviv is the home of the largest pride event in Asia and the Middle East and one of the largest in the world. Every year, selected members of the local LGBTQ community chose a theme for the week of events. “This year, the city’s LGBTQ community has chosen a theme that reaffirms its support for the diverse and inclusive atmosphere that has led to Tel Aviv being dubbed ‘the world’s gayest city’ by The Boston Globe and ‘the gay capital of the Middle East’ by Out Magazine,” explained the municipality in a recent press release.

“Both in Israel and around the world, many bisexual people feel that they are an invisible group within the LGBTQ community,” explained Efrat Tolkowsky, who is the Tel Aviv-Yafo city council member in charge of LGBTQ affairs. “Here in Tel Aviv, we are committed to celebrating each and every LGBTQ person and ally equally, so that we can all be out and proud together.”

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