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Volcanic Activity on the Golan Heights


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Published On: Dec 27, 2012

The volcanic rock on the Golan Heights is 700 thousand years old.

The volcanic rock on the Golan Heights is 700 thousand years old. Experts excavated this site to witness the various levels of volcanic activity in the area.

The geologists cut into this mountain, which in the past was an active volcano. According to experts, this black rock was once red hot lava, which was thrust into the sky and hardened before it even landed. The last volcanic activity on the Golan Heights was around a hundred thousand years ago. Now, scientists are creating a volcanic park for tourists and come and see the geological phenomenon that created the natural wonders of the area.

The volcanic rock creates strange magnetic phenomena in the area, causing compasses to go haywire. The park will be open at night as well with special lighting, along with simulations of volcanic eruptions, which according to experts, may actually return to the area sometime in the future.

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