Tue. Jan 1, 2013 Israel News

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  • Undercover IDF troops exposed in northern West Bank
  • Clashes break out in W. Bank between settlers, Palestinians
  • In implied criticism of Peres, Netanyahu warns against ‘rushing forward’ with Palestinian state

Palestinians say a raid by Israeli soldiers disguised as vegetable vendors to seize members of the Islamic jihad militant group sparked clashes in the northern West Bank.
Residents in the town of Tamoun said youths tossed stones and bottles at Israeli troops, while the soldiers responded with what Palestinians reported to be live fire. IDF claims the soldiers used rubber bullets to disperse the crowd.
3 IDF soldiers were lightly wounded. According to Palestinian reports dozens of residents were wounded in the incident.
Clashes broke out earlier between West Bank settlers and Palestinians near the settlement of Aish Hakodesh.

The IDF said that the two sides threw rocks at one another and that soldiers managed to break up the disturbance using crowd dispersal methods.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu criticized President Shimon Peres on Tuesday, after the latter called him to move forward with Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations, warning that Hamas could take over the West Bank before or after an agreement.

The Foreign Ministry’s ambassadors’ conference on Monday turned into a protest against government policy. Yaacov Amidror head of the National Security Council, lost his patience after Ron Prosor Israel’s ambassador to the UN, asked him a question. Amidror burst out at the diplomats: “If you do not agree with government policy, either go into politics or resign.”

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