Sat. Aug 4, 2012 Israel News

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  • Palestinians to seek recognition at UN in September
  • More talk on potential Israeli strike on Iran
  • Social protests renew following tax hikes

Iranian officials released video of a new missile which they say can reach up to 1300 kilometers. The Iranians are saying that the new weapon is their most accurate yet. If true, the missile presents a clear danger to troops posted around the Middle East. Other Iranian officials said that Israel does not have the capability to attack Iranian nuclear installations.

Former Mossad Chief Efraim Halevy said that Israel should not act alone in an attack on Iran, but that the coming weeks will prove to be critical regarding the Iranian nuclear crisis. He said the Iranian threat may just be one of the most dangerous Israel has ever faced.

Social protestors returned to central Tel Aviv to demonstrate against government tax hikes. Other groups protesting the lack of equality in the military draft joined the social protestors for the demonstration.

The Palestinian Foreign Minister said that the PA will request from the UN General Assembly to recognize Palestine as an official observer at the international body.

The UN General Assembly voted to condemn the regime of Syrian President Bashar Al Assad. s/u Israel’s representative to the UN Ron Prosor warned of Assad’s possible use of chemical weapons against his own people.

Meanwhile, a Syrian citizen tried to cut the border fence between Israel and Syria. IDF soldiers fired on him, wounding the infiltrator. There has been a rise in the number of Syrians trying to infiltrate Israel in the past weeks.

At the Olympics, windsurfer Shachar Tzuberi is in 20th place as competition continues. Israel’s Pole-vaulter Jillian Schwarz didn’t make it to the finals. s/u And Israeli gymnast Alex Shatilov will be competing for a medal in tomorrow’s final.

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