Sun. Aug 5, 2012 Israel News

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  • Netanyahu explains reasons behind possible strike on Iran
  • Israeli Olympic athletes disappoint
  • Poor turnout for social protests

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu explained why he is considering an Israeli strike on Iranian nuclear installations. In a closed meeting, Netanyahu said that Iranian leader Ayatollah Khamenei is irrational much like the leader of North Korea and that it is impossible to predict how he will act with a nuclear weapon. Netanyahu added that in a war, it is possible to protect the home front, while it is impossible to protect the country from a nuclear strike. Netanyahu also said he is not messianic and that he would prefer if the US lead the pre-emptive strike on Iran but that he is not sure that will happen. According to reports, Netanyahu has yet to decide whether to strike or not.

The Israeli Air Force struck at terrorists in the Gaza Strip, killing an operative from the World Jihad. Islamic extremists are streaming into Gaza and into Sinai in order to carry out attacks against Israel. Palestinians returned heavy mortar fire to Israeli towns on the Gaza border.

Social protestors were disappointed by the low turnout for protests against recent tax hikes. Vocal arguments broke out between some of the groups, further dampening the protests.

Disappointing performances by Israeli athletes at the Olympics. Gymnast Alexander Shatilov came in sixth place losing out on a medal. He said he’d be back in four years. Windsurfer Lee Korzitz finished her race in 9th place but remains in second place overall.

An Israeli invention helped save the life of a woman suffering from lymphoma. Chemotherapy had destroyed her bone marrow. Doctors gave her a 10 percent chance to live. But a new development by an Israeli company called Pluristem transplanted stem cells from the uterus of a newborn at Jerusalem’s Hadassah hospital helped revive the bone marrow. It is the first treatment of its kind in the world. The new treatment is still in its experimental stages.

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