Channel 2 News’ Ehud Yaari recalls the violent takeover conducted by Hamas in 2007 in the Gaza Strip as today is the 10th anniversary of the battle and weighs in on the terrorist organization’s current situation.


Hamas Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

On the 10th anniversary of Hamas’ takeover of Gaza, Channel 2 News’ Ehud Yaari recalls the coup of June 2007. Yaari explained as part of a special project ahead of the anniversary that Fatah’s strongest representative in Gaza, Mohammed Dahlan, planned to deal with Hamas but the terrorists launched an offensive operation and quickly defeated the Fatah security forces.

According to Yaari, Hamas leader Khaled Mashal warned the members of his organization not to completely destroy the Palestinian Authority in Gaza. “Mashal did not want to knock down Palestinian Authority, only to tame it,” he stated. However, the Hamas terrorists threw Fatah officials off of the roofs of buildings and raided the government buildings as part of their violent takeover.

“Now, Abu Mazen [PA President Mahmoud Abbas] is not interested in acceding to Hamas’ invitation to be responsible for the government [aspects] in the Gaza Strip,” Yaari added. “He is saying that he does not want to be Hamas’ ATM machine.” Moreover, Abbas is even punishing Hamas. For instance, the PA has announced that it will no longer pay Gaza’s electricity bill, prompting Israel to reduce the amount of power supplied to the Gaza Strip.

“Ten years since the coup conducted by Hamas in the Gaza Strip and in Israel, no one is longing to return to that period,” Yaari concluded. “The policy is to maintain the ceasefire, however rickety it may be, around the Gaza Strip.”

While Yaari believes that it is possible to try to reach a long-term agreement with the terrorist organization as the situation in Gaza worsens, he does not believe that Israel has the “political desire” to test these waters. Moreover, Yaari asserts that Hamas’ new leader in Gaza, Yahya Sinwar, presents another obstacle, explaining that he has a long history of anti-Israeli tendencies, extremism and violence.