A UNICEF report reveals that tens of thousands of civilians, including children, are still in danger within ISIS-controlled areas in Mosul. Civilians who attempted to escape from the intense fighting between the US-led coalition forces and ISIS were killed upon getting caught in the crossfire.

About 100,000 children in danger in Mosul

About 100,000 children in danger in Mosul Photo Credit: Sky News/Channel 2 News

According to a UNICEF report, about 100,000 children are in life-threatening danger within areas of fighting between US-led coalition forces and ISIS within Mosul. UNICEF Representative in Iraq Peter Hawkins stated that the organization is receiving “alarming reports” of civilians, including children, being killed upon being caught in the crossfire.

The report did not note the exact number of children killed in the battles however, according to estimates, tens of thousands of children still remain within ISIS-controlled areas in Mosul, which places them in great danger.

“Protect the children and keep them out of harm’s way at all times, in line with the forces’ obligations under humanitarian law,” Hawkins stated. “Children’s lives are on the line. Children are being killed, injured and used as human shields. Children are experiencing and witnessing terrible violence that no human being should ever witness.”