Sold Out: After this week’s highly anticipated announcement that WOW air will begin flight routes from Tel Aviv to the US at a starting price of $149, Israeli travelers seemed to have bought them all.

Photo Credit: Juergen Lehle/Channel 2 News

Iceland’s low-cost airline WOW air announced earlier this week that they will launch flight routes from Tel Aviv to Iceland, the US and Canada, starting this coming September. As previously reported by JOL, the airline promised in their announcement that tickets to selected US destinations will start at $149, each way, not including luggage, meals or entertainment.

However, a search conducted by Channel 2 News revealed that tickets at the astonishingly low price are either no longer or were never available. Round-trip flights from Tel Aviv to New York for September 2017 currently run between $600 and $800, a price similar to other airlines that usually include luggage and meals.

WOW air’s Israel Spokesperson Nir Grossman explained to Channel 2 News in an interview that tickets did start at promised low prices but sold out within hours. “The ticket sales began at midnight and thousands of tickets were sold within only a few hours. We were really surprised,” Grossman said. “The prices did indeed begin at $99 per way to Iceland.”

When asked what of the promised $300 round-trip flights to the US, Grossman replied that of course “many tickets were sold,” but stated that he cannot say exactly how many and for how much without violating the company’s privacy.

Grossman added that the airline representatives still in Israel are thrilled at the success and have decided to continue “adding more and more tickets.”