15 Hamas members were arrested during an overnight operation carried out by the IDF, Shin Bet and Border Police. The suspects were directed by Hamas in the Gaza Strip to carry out missions in the West Bank.

IDF troops in the West Bank

IDF troops in the West Bank Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

15 Hamas members were arrested last night (Saturday) during a joint IDF, Shin Bet and Border Police operation in the West Bank area.

The suspects were connected to Khaled Aldin Hamed, a Hamas terrorist living in the Gaza Strip. They were instructed to execute several missions in the name of Hamas. In addition, the suspects received funding to promote Hamas activities in the West Bank. During the Israeli operation, the forces confiscated a vehicle worth thousands of Israeli shekels and a local printing house was shut down due to the distribution of Hamas terror propaganda.

The IDF stated after the operation: “The exposure of this activity teaches us again about Hamas’ ceaseless attempts to drive terror activity into the West Bank territory through funding, assigning missions and distribution of messages, without considering the harm the consequences will have on the lives of the Palestinians in the area.”