Three minors were charged with assault today in Southern Israel after they attacked a 15-year-old boy who wouldn’t move seats on a bus. The family immediately reported the incident to the police.

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Three 16-year-old boys were charged today (Wednesday) with assaulting a 15-year-old boy from the Bedouin town Hura. The incident occurred on Monday when the boy was riding the bus home from his school in Beersheba. After taking a seat on the bus, the victim was told by one of the three attackers to “get up and sit over there.” According to the report, the 16-year-old boys began kicking and punching the victim as the bus started moving.

After a few minutes, the driver stopped the bus and one of the passengers called the police to report the incident. The boy’s family told reporters that the driver filmed the attack but it is unclear whether their claim is accurate. The attackers threatened the victim that if he told his family, they would attack him again.

Yesterday (Tuesday), the family received a video of their son being attacked by the boys and immediately contacted the police to file a complaint. “It’s a miracle that he was able to get out from this attack on his life,” said one of the boy’s relatives. “Yesterday, we received the video of a bus attack via WhatsApp and suddenly we realized that it was our son. We were shocked.”

Relatives of the victim told Channel 2 News: “We are angry at the driver for not reporting the incident to us as well as the police. We ask that the police punish these children and everyone involved including those responsible for the publication of the video on WhatsApp. If the police do not address this issue, it may escalate into a bigger case.”

The Israel Police responded: “The police immediately launched an investigation and arrested the three boys aged 16 for aggravated assault.”