16-year-old Linda Wenzel, a German girl who converted to Islam and ran away to join ISIS, is currently being held by the Iraqi authorities after Mosul was freed from the terrorist organization. Germany is trying to secure the girl’s release. Wenzel reportedly said that she regrets her decision to join the terrorist group and wants to return to Germany.


Wenzel Photo Credit: Youtube

A German girl who ran away from her home in Pulsnitz to join ISIS is now claiming that she regrets her decision and wants to return to Germany to be with her family, various German media outlets reported. 16-year-old Linda Wenzel is currently being held in an Iraqi prison after Mosul was freed from ISIS by the US-backed Iraqi forces a few weeks ago.

Wenzel converted to Islam when she was just 15 years old. She decided to join ISIS after being groomed online by a member of the murderous terrorist organization. Her journey to Iraq started with a flight to Istanbul, from where she was smuggled into the Arab country. She eventually ended up in Mosul, which was the ISIS stronghold in the country since 2014. In Mosul, she married a Chechen ISIS terrorist, who was eliminated during the battle for Mosul.

Her capture by the Iraqi soldiers was filmed on camera. In the video, she is seen being escorted by the Iraqi forces as she appears to be in distress. She is heard screaming while the soldiers and bystanders cheer.

Watch: Iraqi soldiers parading Wenzel in Mosul

The German Foreign Ministry is attempting to secure Wenzel’s return to her home country, according to Reuters. In Iraq, she could face the death penalty for being a member of a terrorist group. However, even if the Iraqi authorities agree to allow her to return to her home country, she will most likely stand trial in Germany for joining and supporting a terrorist group.