A terrorist who stabbed an IDF soldier in Afula about a year ago was sentenced to 17.5 years in prison. In addition, he received a suspended sentence of 28 months for three years and will pay the soldier whom he stabbed 40,000 NIS in compensation.

Footage of the terror attack

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About a year after the stabbing attack, a court sentenced terrorist Tarek Ibn Abed al-Fatah Yihyah to 17.5 years in prison today (Tuesday). Yihyah committed the stabbing attack in Afula in the beginning of the terror wave. Yihyah stabbed an IDF soldier in an attempt to murder him. However, bystanders were able to subdue him shortly after he began stabbing the soldier.

The judges at the Nazareth District Court convicted Yihyah of attempted murder, illegally carrying a knife and illegally entering Israel after a plea bargain was reached between the sides. In the verdict, the judges wrote that Yihyah carried out the terror attack “due to feelings of anger and hatred toward Jewish people.”

It was also written in the verdict that the soldier who was stabbed by Yihyah suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, which impacts his abilities to function and carry out his normal routines. Due to this, Yihyah was also sentenced to a 28-month suspended sentence for three years and will pay the victim 40,000 NIS in compensation.