Last week a 17-year-old girl was attacked in an Eilat hotel by a Jordanian employee who insisted on entering her room. The man then pulled out a knife and tried to stab S. who instinctively grabbed the blade and managed to scare him off. “I did not think logically, I tried to defend myself,” S. told Channel 2 News Online.

S.'s hand wounded in the attack

S.’s hand wounded in the attack Photo Credit: S.’s family/Channel 2 News

A week after a young Israeli woman was stabbed by a Jordanian man at Eilat’s King Solomon Hotel, an indictment was filed yesterday (Monday) against the assailant. The Jordanian attacker, who worked as a cleaner at the hotel, was charged with causing injury under aggravated circumstances and illegal possession of a knife. In an interview with Channel 2 Online, the 17-year-old victim, S., recalled the terrifying moments of the incident.

During the interview, S. said that she does not believe that the attack was nationalistically-motived, as many thought, but rather attempted rape. “Once he looked at me in the room, I was sure he was going to rape me,” she stated. “He wasn’t there to steal, he was waiting to do something sexual, to assault me.”

S. confirmed that she had placed the “do not disturb” sign on her door but the cleaner forcefully insisted that he needed to come inside. “He said that he needed to enter the room to bring [toilet] paper, so I let him in,” she added. “When he was going to leave, he stood in front of me and shut the door. I didn’t understand what he wanted. He studied me for a few seconds in an indecent manner without looking away and then he took out the knife. He came toward my neck and I grabbed the blade of the knife that he was holding. That’s how I got hurt. I wasn’t thinking logically, I was trying to defend myself.”

According to S. she eventually managed to slam the door on the cleaner. She then ran to the balcony in order to enter her father’s adjacent room. “My father heard the screams and went to see what had happened,” S. added. “They weren’t regular screams and the cleaner saw him at the end of the hallway and fled. My father went back to his room and saw me. I was badly bleeding.”