The Arrow Missile Defense System passed its first operational test when a Syrian anti-aircraft missile was fired into Israel. In an unusual move, the IDF acknowledged that they operated across the border. On the other hand, Syria alleges that one plane was shot down. Israel denies this claim.

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Earlier today, JerusalemOnline reported that a Syrian anti-aircraft missile was intercepted after it was fired into Israel. There was neither damage nor injuries after the missile was intercepted over the Jordan Valley, where communities heard the Red Alarm Siren. It is said that this was the first operation of the Arrow Missile Defense System since it was obtained by the Israeli Air Force 17 years ago.

On the other hand, the Syrian military described the incident a bit differently. They claim that Israel infiltrated Syrian territory from Lebanon and attacked a military base in the city of Homs en route to Palmyra. In response, they allege that an Israeli plane was shot down and fell in Israeli territory. They claim that another one was hit and two others fled.  

In response to the attack, Syria threatened: “We promise to respond immediately, directly and by any means possible to the attempted Israeli attack on Syria.” Meanwhile, the IDF clarified that no Israeli plane was hit by Syria.

The Arrow Missile Defense System is special because it is not only ground-to-ground but also ground-to-air. Arrow 2 and Arrow 3 are ground-to-air missiles that can be used to defend against ballistic missiles. It was developed in Israel with American financial assistance and in cooperation with Boeing in the US. The system was obtained by Israel in 2000 and went through many trials.

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