Haitian prisons are notoriously overpopulated as many inmates are held there before even receiving a trial. 174 prisoners from a prison in Arcahaie managed to escape, killing 2 guards and stealing an unknown number of firearms. A manhunt is underway with the assistance of UN overseers.


Illustration Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

174 prisoners escaped last night (Saturday) from a prison in Arcahaie, Haiti. During the massive prison break, 2 jailers were killed and firearms were stolen. A manhunt is underway to locate the escapees with the assistance of UN overseers.

 The Haitian Minister of Justice and Public Security confirmed that during the escape, 1 prisoner died after falling. One of the jailers was killed at the scene and the other passed away later at the hospital from his wounds. 2 other jailers were wounded.

A manhunt is underway to find the runaway prisoners, most of whom are barefoot. UN overseers in Haiti are assisting with the searches. The number of firearms the prisoners managed to get their hands on is unknown and there were fire exchanges during the escape between the guards and the prisoners.

Police placed roadblocks on all paths leaving the prison and detained several people who were found with no IDs. The fact that the prisoners are not wearing a uniform makes it harder to capture them as they blend in easily with civilians. So far, 11 prisoners have been caught.

The prison break was initiated as the prisoners were taken out from their crowded compounds for showers. Several prisoners made it to the guards’ area, shot and killed one of the guards and stole their weapons. Haitian prisons are notoriously overpopulated. Many prisoners are also in jail for years before they receive a trial.