Two Palestinians armed with a knife and wire cutters were arrested Thursday morning near the Israeli-Gazan border after crossing into Israeli territory. The IDF expects that they were planning to carry out a terror attack. Meanwhile, the Israeli army continues to gear up for tomorrow’s expected clashes along the border.

Israeli-Gazan border

Israeli-Gazan border Photo Credit: Yaakov Lederman/Flash 90

IDF forces arrested two Palestinians Thursday morning in the Kerem Shalom area near the border fence. The Palestinians were armed with a knife and wire cutters, which they used to cut through the security fence. Israeli security forces believe that the two suspects were planning to carry out a terror attack in Israel.

Earlier this week, the military arrested eight Palestinians who crossed the border from Gaza into Israel in three separate incidents. Yesterday, an unarmed Palestinian was arrested shortly after he crossed the border. It is still unclear why he entered Israel.

Three Palestinians armed with knives and grenades were arrested Tuesday after they infiltrated from Gaza. The arrest took place near the Tze’elim army base, more than 20 kilometers (about 12 miles) into Israeli territory, several hours after they entered Israel. Security camera footage from Kibbutz Tze’elim caught the terrorists on tape in front of the kibbutz’s main gate prior to their arrest.

On Saturday, four Palestinians breached the security fence and attempted to set fire to an IDF vehicle near the border. The Palestinians fled back to Gaza when Israeli troops approached the scene. The IDF spokesperson stated after the incident: “The IDF will continue to thwart all attempts to harm the State of Israel and will respond severely against those who wish to harm Israeli civilians. Hamas is held responsible for all aggression coming from the Gaza Strip.” In response to the incident, the Israeli Air Force targeted a Hamas training compound in Rafah.

Meanwhile, the IDF remains on high alert ahead of tomorrow’s Land Day demonstrations. Land Day commemorates the 1976 events in which six Arabs were killed by Israeli forces. The military fears that Palestinian masses will try to breach the border fence during the demonstrations.

Earlier this week, the IDF stated that additional troops are already in southern Israel due to the expected Land Day clashes. In addition, the army is planning to shut down the area adjacent to the Israeli side of the Gaza border fence and declare it a closed military zone in order to prevent Israeli civilians from being there.

This year, Land Day coincides with Passover, which will begin on Friday evening. Palestinian attempts to carry out terror attacks usually increase during the Passover holiday, especially on Passover Eve. In 2014, 47-year-old Baruch Mizrahi, a father of five, was murdered by a Palestinian terrorist in a shooting attack outside Hebron on Passover Eve.