122,000 Palestinians from the West Bank participate in Ramadan prayers in Jerusalem.

Gaza border fence.

Gaza border fence. Photo Credit: Corinna Kern/Flash90

With the conclusion of Friday’s prayers, hundreds of Gazans gathered at several locations along the Gaza border and began their protests, while some flew flammable kites towards Israel. One of the kites set a large fire in the fields of the Mefalsim Kibbutz and firefighters have not taken control of it yet.

Additionally, an IDF force fired warning shots towards two suspects who approached the border fence in the southern Gaza area and as a response, they fled back, though Palestinian media reported that the two were injured.

In the West Bank area, some 122,000 Palestinians have arrived at Jerusalem to participate in the Ramadan prayers. Security forces have reinforced their deployment in the area and are keeping the order.

The border protests, which continue the line of the March of Return riots, come in spite of the ceasefire that was declared by Hamas on Wednesday. However, the ceasefire agreement did not refer to the protests and it is apparent that Hamas is keeping the ceasefire up until now.