A driver ran through the a-Zaim checkpoint near Jerusalem, injuring 2 Israeli Border Policemen. The driver attempted to flee the scene but Israeli security forces apprehended him. It was initially believed that this incident was a terror attack. However, after the driver was interrogated at the scene, it was determined that the act was criminal and not a terror attack.


Archives Photo Credit: Magen David Adom Spokesperson/Channel 2 News

A vehicle arrived today (Thursday) to the a-Zaim checkpoint near Jerusalem and attempted to break through it. 2 Israeli Border Policemen were injured as the driver ran over them. The driver attempted to flee the scene but was apprehended shortly thereafter. Initially, security forces believed that this was a terror attack. However, after the security forces interrogated him, they determined that the suspect was attempting to steal a car, not carry out a terror attack.

Around 1:10 pm, the suspect arrived at the checkpoint. The guards called on him to stop but the suspect didn’t listen and continued.

He then continued to drive wildly and broke through the checkpoint, injuring 2 Border Policemen. Magen David Adom teams were called to aid the two who suffered light injuries.

The driver continued to drive wildly as he attempted to escape the scene and security forces chased after him. The driver was then apprehended and taken in for questioning.