The family’s jeep rolled over and fell down a cliff. Two of the children died and the other two suffered minor to moderate injuries. Their mother is in serious condition.

Photo credit: Courtesy of the Greenfeld family

Achinoam and Nevo Greenfeld, aged 10 and 5, were laid to rest Friday morning in the northern-Israeli town of Mitzpe Netofa, three days after a horrific car crash during a family vacation in Georgia killed them both. Their mother is still hospitalized in serious condition.

The Greenfeld family was flown back to Israel shortly after the accident, which required special permission to open the country’s air space during Yom Kippur. They were taken to the Hadassah hospital in Jerusalem. The two surviving children, Yiftach (11) and Ivri (7) were hospitalized with minor to moderate injuries.

“It was a foggy night, we were going 10kph,” recounted the father, Hanoch Greenfeld. “In one second, I don’t know what happened and why, we lost control of our car and it fell down the cliff. It was a matter of seconds.”

“When I opened my eyes it was dead silent,” he continued. “At first I thought I was dead and this was the afterlife, but then I saw Achinoam, and when I realized she was no longer with us I really wanted to die. I picked her up. I thought I was the only one who survived. I looked over to the edge of the cliff and then I heard a little voice calling me, ‘Dad.’ It was Ivri, who saved my life. I hugged him, brought him to a safe spot and asked him to wait for me, but he followed me wherever I went.”